(Purple cone flower)

(Echincea Purpurea)

Echinacea, native to central North America growing in rich soil in woods and prairies has a long history of use amongst First generation Americans. Used for soothing bites and stings from insects and snakes, toothache and withstanding heat. It is a component in many modern wound-healing medicines.
It has a reputation for staving off infection by increasing the body’s natural immune system and for being a blood purifier.

K.M Kumar and Sudha Ramaiah of Bioinformatics Division of VIT University, India say the chemistry and pharmacology action of Echinacea is well documented. Groups of bioactive constituents, including alkamides, lipophilic alkamides, watersoluble phenolic compounds (mainly caffeic derivatives) and polysaccharides, benzalkonium chloride are considered important for its activity.
The root contains high concentrations of volatile oils, the polysaccharides are higher in the parts above the ground.

Recent research has shown that both Echinacea Purpurea and Echinacea Angustifolia have a marked effect on the resistance to infectious diseases of all types by increasing white blood cell and interferon production, a protein produced to overcome infections, thereby boosting the immune system and supporting healthy detoxified organs. It improves the body’s response to change of seasons and is effective against infections of the respiratory tract such as sinusitis, laryngitis also protecting the lungs from external attack such as pollution, tobacco smoke.

Used for 6-8 weeks then taking a 2 week break helps to avoid keeping the immune system permanently on alert, thereby making the herb more efficient.
Effective as a preventative in early stages of infection. Works synergistically with spices, mushrooms such plants as Turmeric, Garlic and Ginger against longer standing infections, germs or bacteria.

Use with discretion during pregnancy. Not recommended for sufferers of thyroid disease.

Summary of Actions

Anti bacterial
Anti inflammatory/ skin conditions
Anti fungal
Anti viral
Anti immunosuppressant
Mild laxative
Upper respiratory relief