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(Foeniculum Vulgare)

Fennel is on of a group of plants known as unbellifers due to their resemblance to umbrellas. It is native to Europe but has become naturalised in most temperature countries around the world. The aromatic flavour of fennel is distinctive and one of its best-known uses is in grip water, traditionally used to soothe colic in babies.

Fennel consists of a volatile oil, of which the most important constituent is anethole; tannins; fixed oil; stigmasterol and coumarins. These agents work to harmonize digestive functions and act as a powerful carminative. Fennel can stimulate the appetite and speed up the digestion of fatty foods.

Fennel also has anti-inflammatory qualities, and can be used to dilate the bronchial tract to relieve congestion in the lungs. It is an effective diuretic treatment for bladder and kidney infections and has been shown to stimulate lactation.

Summary of Actions

Lactogenic agent
Pulmonary relaxant