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(Gallium Aperine)

Cleavers is the straggly British hedgerow plant also known as ‘goosegrass’ or ‘sticky-willie’ that children enjoy picking and sticking to the backs of other people. The fruits, or ‘burs’ and covered with hooked bristles that attach onto animals’ fur to enable dispersal from the parent pant. However, for the purpose of herbal medicine the must be harvested in spring and early summer just before flowering.

The important constituents of cleavers are coumarin glycosides, red dye containing an anthraquinone, galiosin, citric and other acids and tannins. Galiosin is known to have specific anti –inflammatory and spasmolytic effects on the urinary tract and may prevent the development of stones in the urinary system.

Cleavers has a dual effect on the urinary and lymphatic systems by reducing fluid congestion and improving flow. This diuretic quality can prevent the build – up of toxins in the body.

Summary of Actions

Lymphatic alternative